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Best board games to play with your kids

Board games or table top games are a favorite among many people, and they are often used as a reason to spend more time with family members—most particularly kids. If you are a busy parent, and you feel like you need to spend more time with your children, you can always invest in some of the best board games to play with your kids on the market, and you can encourage them to defeat you in a board game of their choice. You can always promise them a reward for winning! You might be familiar with board games like Monopoly or Scrabble; however since our youth a lot of new and very cool board games came to market. You can experiment with these latest board games to play with your children.

The fact cannot be denied that the trend of tabletop games died temporarily; however, there has been a reappearance of playing board games among family members, and a majority of the family members are using board games as tool to motivate children. It is a fact that board games are geared towards assembling family members together around a table, and it is an excellent way to spend time with your kids.

Why should kids play board games?

You should encourage kids to play board games for various reasons. Board games are designed with a strategic function in mind, and the nature of the games is focused on stimulating the minds and creativity of a kid. It enables them to learn tricks and devise strategies to win games, and it results in improving their mental capacity to an extent. Playing board games also nourishes and nurtures the minds of kids, and it also shifts their mind away from looking at the screen all day.

Playing board games allow your kids to learn to play together, and it teaches them that it is okay to lose a game sometimes. Regardless of their victory or defeat, you should reward them for their efforts and you should encourage them to play board games often and with friends.

What are the best board games to play with your kids?

Below I discuss some of the best board games you can play with your kinds, and why I think you should play these. Of coarse there are a lot more games that are a perfect fit for spending quality time, and learning at the same time. But these are at least a good starting point!

5. Very British Problems

If you are looking for some of the best board games to play with your children; you should consider investing in Very British Problems. The board game is designed with a very specific function in mind, and it is a satirical representation of the vacillation and passive-aggressive nature of the British people. The game was inspired by a Twitter feed, and its popularity has resulted in a TV show and a board game.

The theme of the game is ideal for kids and families, and it allows them to jolt down and complete common British problems in a board game. The involved players are required to figure out who said what to win and score.

If you are considering introducing board games to your upcoming family gathering, and you want to keep the spirit of the game delightful and light, you should consider investing in Very British Problems, and spend some time playing the game with your kids and family members.

4. Pandemic

If you are considering spending your spare time with your kid, you will surely have an amazing time playing Pandemic with your kids. The game allows 2-4 players to play at one time, and it takes one hour to accomplish the tasks of the game. This board game is generally regarded as a “cooperative game”, which allows the players to work cooperatively and collaboratively to get rid of deadly diseases. The game inspires its players to build research stations and look for the cures of the diseases before they run short on time. The board game is provided with a concise rulebook, which allows the players to record their performances in the book.

The theme of the game is immensely stimulating, which allows the kids to devise cures and solutions for deadly diseases, and it also allows them to work in a collaborative manner. This game is one of the best board games for kids because it is a good way to introduce more difficult games by playing together instead of against each other.

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3. Scrabble

Scrabble family board game

Image courtesy of: binraix @BoardGameGeek.

This cult-favorite, classic board game does not need any introduction. The board game was introduced ages ago, and its trend is never-ending in any aspect. The board game holds a special place in everyone’s heart, and it is considered to be a great asset to improve the literacy of kids. It also allows you to spend quality time with your kids.

In this classic board game, the participating players are required to use their letter-tiles to create and assemble words on the game board. Each completed word is guaranteed to earn the player a score, and the player who has created more words and scored more points at the end of the game, will be declared as the winner.

2. Ticket to Ride

If you want to play board games to spend more time with your kids, you can always play the classic Ticket to Ride. The rules of this board game for kids can be learned within 20 minutes, and it allows the players to employ the use of strategies and tactics to win the game. It allows the player to nurture their minds when playing the game, and it also allows them to have a fun time with their parents and vice versa.

In this game, a player is required to collect several types of train cars, which they use to assert railway routes in North America. If they are inclined to take a longer route, they will be rewarded with more points. The game is invigorating and stimulating at the same time, and it allows you to get closer to your kids. Ticket to Ride is also one of the most populaire and most praised games of the last few years. It is never a bad idea to play more well know games because your kids can then easily join other people when they see them playing this game, for example at the campsite.

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1. Monopoly

Monopoly family board game

Image courtesy of: Gialmere @BoardGameGeek.

No other game in the list of children’s board games could become more educational and exciting than Monopoly. The game is known to stimulate the minds of kids but, it also persuaded the adults to use excellent tactics to master the requirements of the game. It helps them familiarize themselves with the use of money and how the economy, and real estate works. The game also teaches kids how to become money smart, and use their money efficiently in real life. Even though Monopoly is not considered to be among the best board games for more seasoned players, it is a very good starting point for young players!

And this brings us to the end of the list of best board games you can play with your kids. I hope you found some tips for your next family night and have an amazing time playing these games!