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Best board games you can play in 2 hours or less

Board games are an amazing way to spend your evening. But, you might not always want to spend your complete evening playing one single game. That’s why we dug into the list of best board games and picked the 11 best games you can play in 2 hours or less.

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Best board games that are shorter than 2 hours

11. Orléans

Orleans board game review

Image courtesy of: LouisSparda @BoardGameGeek.

Orléans is a strategy board game set in medieval France. Besides its medieval theme it also involves religion and travel related activities. The core game mechanics revolve around deck / pool building, point-to-point movement and worker placement. For more information you can read our full Orléans review.

Score: 7.8
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 90 minutes
Age: 12+
Difficulty: 3.11 / 5
Developer: White Goblin Games

10. Concordia

Image courtesy of: kilroy_locke @BoardGameGeek.

Concordia is a strategy board game with a setting based in ancient Rome. It is a heavy economical based game in which you use ships to trade with distant posts. The core game mechanics involve card drafting, deck / pool building, hand management and point-to-point movement.

Score: 7.9
Players: 2-5
Playtime: 100 minutes
Age: 13+
Difficulty: 3.12 / 5
Developer: 999 Games

9. Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault board game

Image courtesy of: haslo @BoardGameGeek.

Star Wars Imperial Assault is a game set in the Star Wars universe. It is a science fiction Wargame in which you go on an adventure and have to fight your opponents. The core game mechanics are: dice rolling, grid movement and role-playing. Besides these core game mechanics you also have a modular board, can form partnerships with other players and have variable player powers. 

Score: 7.9
Players: 2-5
Playtime:  60-120 minutes
Age: 14+
Difficulty: 3.28 / 5
Developer: Enigma

8. Mechs vs. Minions

Mechs vs. Minions board game

Image courtesy of: Dorhan @BoardGameGeek.

Mechs vs. Minions is a fantasy fighting game in which you fight with miniature mechs. This game heavily relies on the video game theme to bring character to the story. The main mechanics of this game are card drafting, dice rolling and action / movement programming. This game is a co-operative game with a modular board which gives it lots of variety. 

Score: 7.9
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 60-90 minutes
Age: 14+
Difficulty: 2.46 / 5
Developer: Riot Games

7. Viticulture

Viticulture board game

Image courtesy of: zgabor @BoardGameGeek.

Viticulture is an economic / farming type of game. The game heavily relies on hand management and worker placement. It is set in Italy in pre-modern Tuscany. As the owner of a vineyard you just inherited you are responsible for the survival of this property through the season.

Score: 7.9
Players: 1-6
Playtime: 45-90 minutes
Age: 13+
Difficulty: 2.94 / 5
Developer: Enigma

6. Blood Rage

Blood Rage board game

Image courtesy of: zgabor @BoardGameGeek.

Blood Rage is a fantasy fighting game set in a mythological world. The game features beautifully designed miniatures with which you move around. Beside moving and fighting you will be busy drafting cards and managing the cards in your hand. This game is one of the successful Kickstarter board game campaigns and even made it onto the best board games ever list!

Score: 7.9
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 60-90 minutes
Age: 14+
Difficulty: 2.89 / 5
Developer: Guillotine Games

5. Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Arkham Horror the card game

Image courtesy of: CristiQ @BoardGameGeek.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a fantasy horror adventure card game. It is based on a novel by H.P. Lovecraft. In this cooperative deck building and role-playing game you play with characters with variable powers. Core mechanics of this game are action point allowance and hand management. If you are a fan of the Cthulhu fantasie you will love this game! 

Score: 7.9
Players: 1-2
Playtime: 60-120 minutes
Age: 14+
Difficulty: 3.17 / 5
Developer: Fantasy Flight Inc

4. The Castles of Burgundy

The Castles of Burgundy Board Game

Image courtesy of: ChipChuck @BoardGameGeek.

The Castles of Burgundy is a strategy game set in medieval France (Burgundy) heavily revolves around territory building. You build up your land by placing tiles. You play against other aristocrats (players) who are also trying to gain more land. During the game you try to collect a set of matching tiles. Fun part about these games and a reason why so many people place it on the list of best board games ever is the variable phase order. There is also a less popular card and dice variant of the game. You can read my full Burgundy review here.

Score: 8.0
Players: 2-4
Playtime: 30-90 minutes
Age: 12+
Difficulty: 3.03 / 5
Developer: Ravensburger

3. Scythe

Scythe board game

Image courtesy of: magic_erwt @BoardGameGeek.

Scythe is another game which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. In total more than 17.000 people backed this game for over 1.8 million dollars. This strategic territory building game involves grid movement and variable player powers. It is set in an alternate history during the 1920’s in Europe. One of the best parts, and why scythe is on this list, is that the action-selection is very streamlined. There are no rounds or phases as in many other games, which keeps the game play fast.

Score: 8.1
Players: 1-5
Playtime: 90-115 minutes
Age: 14+
Difficulty: 3.36 / 5
Developer: Stonemaier Games

2. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming mars review

Image courtesy of: Tournqiuet @BoardGameGeek.

Terraforming Mars is a manufacturing and territory building strategy game. You can read our full Terraforming Mars review here.

Score: 8.2
Players: 1-5
Playtime: 120 minutes
Age: 12+
Difficulty: 3.26 / 5
Developer: Stronghold Games

1. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven board game

Image courtesy of: zgabor @BoardGameGeek.

At the very top of the best board games of all time stands Gloomhaven. It is a Euro-inspired tactical combat game in a persistent world of shifting motives. This game is ideally played over may game sessions, as when you finish one session you can decide how the story continues. Which makes Gloomhaven a truly fantastic game and deserving of the #1 position on this list.

Score: 8.6
Players: 1-4
Playtime: 30-120 minutes
Age: 12+
Difficulty: 3.78 / 5
Developer: Cephalofair Games

And this concludes our list of the best board games you can play in 2 hours or less. Remember that if a game is not in this list it might still be a very good game, these games are just the best of the best in this category.