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Best board games to play with the whole family

Technology has changed our lives in different ways. As a 90s kid I am part of the last generation of kids who knew what it feels like to play in the gardens or having a special boards game tournament with my parents and friends.

Technology is a blessing but it is changing the way we connect with our family. Not only kids but also adults spend most of their time on their technological devices, staring away at different sizes of screens. Unfortunately the time spend together as real quality time becomes less and less. It

is increasing the distance between parents and kids due to which they do not build a strong relationship. You might not have the time to spend time with your kids in the park, but we all have a  night off now and then and the best way to spend a quality evening/night with kids is by playing board games of course!

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What are the benefits of playing board games with your family

You might have been wondering how board games could be helpful for you and your kids. Here are some interesting benefits you can get by playing board games.

  1. When you play in a team, it will help build a stronger bond with your kids. You will be able to spend some quality time with your kids. They will leave the screens and have an interesting match with you and other members of your family;
  2. Nothing can be better than the entire family sitting together having fun. It will help ease your stress and you will feel more relaxed after a round of laughter and some amazing games;
  3. It will help in the development of mental skills for your kids. They will learn to think strategically. Your kids will enjoy playing and thinking creatively;
  4. One of the biggest benefits of playing board game is that it will teach your kid to learn to lose. They will develop patience and will learn that they cannot win every time. Your kids will become humbler towards life;
  5. It will help in the development of creative abilities of your kids. They will learn how to win the game despite the difficulties they face;
  6. Your kids will learn to negotiate. You will be surprised to know that how quickly they will learn many new things from the games that will be beneficial for their future.

Top 5 board games to play as a family

Not all board games are made to be played by players of different age’s and different ‘skill’. A lot of games that the more serious board game fan would recommend are way too difficult for younger kids, or less experienced players, to join. That’s why below you will find 5 board games that anyone can learn and enjoy in just a few minutes.

5. Monopoly

Monopoly best family board game

Image courtesy of: Gialmere @BoardGameGeek.

It is the oldest and the best game available on the market. It is a unique game that is based on all the famous areas of your city (if you can find a local edition!) or country. Most of the countries, regions or cities have their own version made. There are many amazing challenges that you will have to complete. While you are playing, if you land in a city or area that is occupied, you have to pay rent. If it is not occupied yet you can buy that place for yourself. Monopoly is a long time favorite game that everyone will enjoy. It helps your child understand the real estate market, how to be smart with money and to negotiate.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble fun family board game

Image courtesy of: binraix @BoardGameGeek.

One of the best games that everyone loves to play as a child is scrabble. Everyone is aware of how to play the game. It is perfect for kids if they are about to go to school. The game will help them learn many new words and spellings in a fun way. The best thing about Scrabble is that kids will never know they are studying in a unique way. To make the game interesting you can have some special challenges and rewards for the winners of the game (and just maybe you let your kids win then).

3. Sequence

Sequence family board game

Image courtesy of: Geese @BoardGameGeek.

If you are planning to play something interesting, get sequence. You might have never heard of the game, but it is very interesting as you start playing it. You have to play your card and accordingly cover the sot on the board. The person who gets 5 chips on the board in a row will be the winner of the game. It takes only 15 to 30 minutes to complete the game. You will surely enjoy the game in the best possible way. Even your little kids can learn to play and win this game.

2. Codenames

Codenames fun game for the whole family

Image courtesy of: danilopatro @BoardGameGeek.

Codenames is a very interesting and unique game that in which you have to use your mind  to win the game. At least 4 people are required to play the game. You have to divide the cards among the players and one player will be given the spymaster. Team one has to guess the spymaster of the other team with the help of the clues that are given. This can be a very interesting and competitive game.

1. Game of life

Game of life family board game

Image courtesy of: Ed_the_Red @BoardGameGeek.

Game of Life is a game that is loved by kids of all ages. You will get to live your dream life in the form of a game. You have to roll the dice and preform your task. The best thing about the game is that you can play as long as you like. There are no limitations to the game and it feels like you are playing a real-life role in the game. Make sure that you plan a bright future!

Bottom line

You are not bound to select only a single game. You can select more than one games to assure that you have enough to choose from. Take a one to two hour brake from your busy schedule and play some games with your kids. You will notice that soon it will turn into a habit and even your kids will come and ask you when is game time! In case you have a toddler, you will notice that he/she will get excited about the game time just like you. The little ones will cheer you up during the game, and you can teach them important skills at the same time. So, keep your screens aside and spend some real time with your children.