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Chutes and Ladders Review – Kids Game Review

Chutes and Ladders review

This classic and thrilling game is undoubtedly an entourage among the little kids especially preschoolers. This alluring game of chutes and ladders perfectly elaborates the meaning of going up and down, so close to winning and then all of a sudden, puff down to the ground again.

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In a hurry? Here are the quick highlights of this game.

  • Creates a learning environment for your kid and develop the ‘team-player’ mindset in them
  • Good game to take with you on vacations
  • Helps the young fellas to learn to count and also increase their cognitive behavior
  • The overall design is genuinely fascinating
  • Provides you with a way of communicating and bonding with your child(ren)
  • Kids Friendly game, great product with fantastic learning features

These were some fundamental upsides of Chutes and Ladders. Also, it is a classic game. If you have played it while you were little, maybe it would be a great time to relive those perfect moments with your child.

Now as we move further, there are some critical points of interest in the game related to specifications, designs and kids’ cooperative game play. Let’s have a deeper look at Chutes and Ladders Review;

1. Engaging Game play

The game-play for the Chutes and Ladder is straightforward, you will be provided with a board and different pieces with colored characters upon it. You can play one on one and also in groups. The first one to reach 100 points wins (easy right?).

Kids will love this game because it gives them a sense of being active throughout the process. Instead, of just sitting around and waiting for something to happen, kids will be asked to spin the spinner fixed on the board and see which number they get.

2. Chase and streak

What makes the game fascinating is that you will have to ‘chase’ the other players during the game. If you get a high number you will probably climb the ladder faster, and get near to victory. And if you hit the wrong station, well down the chute you go my friend. It is all about chasing and winning. No cheating though!

3. Family reunion

The classic design and specifications of the game help the kids to develop a sense of affiliation and affection with their family members. Not only you can play with your child, but also assist them in learning different strategies or at least counting to 100 (and winning or losing of course!).

The simple and practical layout of the game makes it easy to play, have fun and has you verbally and emotionally communicate with your kid. Also, the skills the little one learns are far more important than anything else.

4. Simple/straight layout

Chutes and ladders offer child-friendly characters, style and the game-play is really simple and straightforward. Just a couple of tries with your child to learn the game should do the trick. This very game is proven to increase the cognitive functioning of the children as their brain is still in developing stages. No messed up, or cranky characters or cartoons are used, nor on the board or the characters on the pieces. There is a high attention to detailing and uniqueness of the board as well. 

If you have reached a buying decision then great and if you are still thinking, well get there soon. Because this is an all-time classic game loved by many. If you haven’t played this game in your childhood, maybe it wouldn’t be a great idea to let your children miss out on this fantastic game as well!

Chutes and Ladders game is cost-effective and really doesn’t cost that much for the quality it has to offer.