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Colt Express Board Game Review. Fun with Roleplay.

Colt Express Review

Image courtesy of: parlotta @BoardGameGeek.

Imagine the theme song from the Good the Bad and the Ugly and put the 3D train on the table. The Union Pacific Express rides through the desert when at 10 a.m. shots are heard. Bandits are robbing the 47 passengers of the train and want all their money and jewels. Marshal Samuel Ford is on the train as well and makes it his personal mission to stop the bandits and protect the pasgangers and their possessions.

In Colt Express, a game by Ludonaute, you are one of the bandits robbing the train, your mission, try to get more loot then the other payers. You move around by using action cards which let you move your pawns, loot, fight and shoot while you move from one wagon to the next. At the start of each round will be determined how many action cards can be played and if that will be open or closed. Besides that, all bandits have their own unique specialisaties.

You targeted the highly valuable diamonds in the passengers wagon, but Django (on of the other bandits) shoots you down which means you have to move back one wagon. Instead of being able to go back, you find yourself face to face with Cheyenne which gives you a hard punch and picks up your bag with loot. In the corners stands Belle, who is immune to attacks as long as she is standing next to someone else. Then there is Ghost, most of the time no one knows where he is sneaking around. By the way, where did the Sherif go? Before you know you have to doge bullets from him while you try to escape trough the roof. As the smartest of the bunch, the doc, you might just find it out!

A game of Colt Express is full with fun and cartoon-like situations like this and they give this Spiel des Jahres 2015 a very unique and thematic fee. Luckily you wont die when catching a bullet, they will shop up in you action-cards which means your chances on good actions is lowered in the following rounds. At the end the bandit that has fired the most bullets will get a bonus points, as well as the most successful looter of course.

Conclusion: Colt Express makes you feel like a bandit in the Wild West

Colt Express makes excellent use of the ‘plan frist, execute later’ form of game play. It is hard when playing this game not to yell things like “PEWPEW or BAM” when preforming actions. It almost become something like playing an actual real life role-playing game. It is hilariously exiting, one turn you can be ahead, next turn you are terrible behind. Luck again is a pretty big component of this game, but if you know how to navigate bad luck the better player will know what to do in such situations. But lets be frank, this isn’t a hardcore strategy game for the veteran board game players. Colt Express is a fun family game with a very cool theme. In addition it has gotten some expansions which make the experience all that more fun. If you are looking for a good and fun family game your kids will love then look no further and try Colt Express.