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Don’t Step In It Review, Hasbro Kids Game

Don't Step In It review

Everybody needs to have fun and enjoy a good laugh now and then. And, since the best time is always spent in the company of family and friends, you need a game that will get everyone engaged and give them the chance to have a blast.

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So, how about a challenge? Are you ready to walk, blindfolded, on a path while dodging piles of poop? Of course, the poop is fake, as it is made out of play dough. The game is called “Don’t Step In It” and we found it a hilarious way to bond, socialize, and have fun. The kids will definitely love it, but it is also the kind of game you can play with the entire family.

When you get the game, you will get in the box the game mat that will serve as playtime surface, containers with mold that will have to be shaped as poop piles, a spinner that will dictate the direction of the game, and instructions on how to play the game.

With the help of this “Don’t Step In It” review, we hope to show just how fun this game can be, without any risk of getting your home messy and dirty in any way. So, what’s the purpose of the game? Well, the player that will be able to dodge all the poops on the path or, at least, step in the lowest number of poops, wins the game. As mentioned earlier, this will be done while wearing a blindfold, so it won’t be an easy task.

The best part about this game is that it can be played solo, with multiple players, and even offers advanced playing options for when you want to take things up a notch. Also, there are no time restrictions, so you can play for as long as you want until a clear winner can be determined.

So is Don’t Step In It a game for you?

So, if you want your kids to have a great time and leave aside computer games and gadgets for a while, “Don’t Step In It” is definitely the game that will convince them to try something else. It is very hard to get bored with this game, as the players will have to move the ‘poop’, add in more, or re-arrange their order on the mat, so a player will never know what he or she will get. This game has what it takes to provide countless hours of fun.

Without a doubt, your kids will love playing this game and will look forward to playing another session. In fact, it is so funny that you shouldn’t be surprised if you are drawn to it.