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Escape Room the Game Review. Can You Escape?

Escape Room the Game review

Escape Rooms have a real hit for a few years now. An Escape Room is a location where you are locked up and from which you have to escape within an hour. In the place where you are locked up all hints, riddles, puzzles and other brain teasers are hidden which you must combine into the final code that you need to escape. The game world has also embraced the Escape phenomenon. One after the other Escape Room game now pops up in games stores around the world. Today we discuss Escape Room: The Game from Spin Master Games.

There are four escape adventures of increasing difficulty in Escape Room the Game. Escape Room the Game is of course a cooperative game in which you try to complete the adventure together. Every adventure must be solved within an hour. To keep track of the time, use the Chrono Decoder that is in the box. This decoder counts down from 60 minutes to 0.

The game starts with reading the instruction, which tells you which adventure you are starting. Each adventure consists of three phases that are packed in separate envelopes. After reading the introduction, pick up the first envelope and open it. Of course I will not tell you exactly what you will encounter in the envelopes. Somehow you have to unravel the code of four positions with the clues you have been given.

In the box are 16 plastic keys where all numbers, letters, dots and shapes are printed on. If you have cracked the code, pick up the 4 corresponding keys and put them in the slots of the decoder. If you hear an angry beep then it was the wrong code, but with a happy sound you know that you were right and that you can continue to the next envelope.

It may happen that you do not really see the solution. Fortunately, the decoder also occasionally makes sounds that indicate that you can view a hint card. Sometimes it just gives the hint you needed to move forward. Or (which is actually more fun) the hint confirms what you yourself had already figured out. You do not have to use the hint cards, if you really want to do it yourself then of course you can.

If you manage to crack the three codes within the hour, you have won. Of course, if the 60 minutes have passed, you can continue playing. You did not officially win if you passed the 60 minute mark, but if you finally know how to crack the codes, you have not completely lost (in my opinion). If you really do not care and want to know what you should have done, you can download a walk-through on the game’s website that explains exactly how to crack the codes.

Conclusion: Escape Room the Game too expensive?

The four adventures in Escape Room the Game are really enjoyable. The codes are quite difficult to crack the codes and a team of friends will be really helpful. Luckily you do not play on your own, but with a team in which people have different qualities. You can do this game with 3 to 5 players and that is a good indication. With two players there is a lot to do in an hour, but if you are with six, there is still enough to do to keep everyone busy. What is good is how much variation there is in the adventures. The makers have incorporated a lot of different brain teasers into the game.

Of course you can only play every adventure once. So you pay 45 dollar for 4 hours of fun. This is quite a lot of money, but in comparison to what an hour in a real Escape Room costs it is not. In comparison with that, 45 dollar is still quite good (although a real Escape Room is more fun and more intense). Moreover, you do not have to throw away the game once after every adventure. Every adventure can still be played as often as you like by other teams. On the website of the game you can download and print certain parts that you can not reuse (for example because you have to write on them).