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Feed The Woozle Review – Preschool Builder Game

Feed The Woozle game review

As some of you might have got the hint from the title, this board game is specifically designed for the children attending preschool. Many board games implicit classic and sober game play, well, not this one. This one has got a funny monster who is always hungry and demand little kids to fill up his belly!

Let’s get to this weird yet funny Feed the Woozle review.

The idea behind this Splashy board game

The idea behind this extraordinary game is quite simple yet funny; kids will get to feed this amazingly funny monster called “Woozle” given a particular timeline. 4-5 kids can take part simultaneously and feed the monster, beware Woozle doesn’t eat like a human being, this silly and abandoned orange colored beast want to taste disgusting foods.

You won’t have to bother about getting him sweet and delicious meals. It has got its own hairy chocolate treats, crazy flies over doughnuts and other weird delicacies. Kids will find this game very amusing, and the idea of feeding their own monster is indeed ravishing.

Classic Gameplay

You will be provided with one stand-up Woozle, spinner, a spoon along with different game cards. The game play is simple; you have to spin the spinner and choose whose turn is this. Then, you will stand in front of the Woozle and try to feed him. Be quick as the items Woozle loves will be appearing and disappearing constantly, the game play only lasts for 15 minutes and who will feed him the most will win!

Customized Snack Party

Woozle doesn’t only eat the disgusting crazy food, but he loves it too! Kids will find themselves among a variety of snacks to feed their cute monster. The sweet sound of giggles and hilarious chuckles will be rather amusing; as kids will do these when trying to feed Woozle. “Look! Aghhhh, it ate it all the disgusting flies flying over the chocolate” It will be a kind of odd and funny experience for little explorers. And the loud sound of the Burp at the end of the game will be a hilarious gesture from the belly filled beast.

Growth with Children

This game has been divided into three distinct levels or stages, and the monster will grow as the children who play the game will grow. The overall criteria are 3 to 7 year old can play this game effectively. 

To make it rather funny and compatible the Woozle is divided into three growing stages, it will grow along with your child like a good old friend.

Innovation & Creativity

This game induces creativity and innovation among various other benefits within your children. Not only will they learn problem-solving, but also brainstorming as they would have to scout their minds to create different snacks for the Woozle. Hand-eye coordination and overall teamwork will also improve among the children. A brief list of beneficial changes that will take place among preschoolers are as under;

  • Teamwork
  • Self-esteem
  • Brainstorming and Problem solving
  • Open connectivity among other children to feed the poor beast
  • Undertaking challenging tasks
  • Enrichment among decision-making
  • Help in learning to count

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Overall Feed the Woozle is a funny and smart board game for your preschoolers. Kids will fall in love with the game instantly. They will learn task assignment, completing challenges and time management. Give your preschooler a treat which they can take along to school and play with their new friends.