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Glen More Review – A real Cubepushing Euro Game

Glen More

Glen More is a game in which Scottish clans compete to have the biggest. The biggest Whiskey stock, the biggest number of Chiefs and the biggest number of exceptional locations!

Glen More is a tile placement game in which you lay tiles (no shit). The different tiles show actions that you may perform if you place the tile or if an adjacent tile is placed. The core of the game is the way in which you get tiles. The tiles are placed on a board in a kind of circle. The circle is not completely closed, somewhere there is a hole and in front of it are the pawns of the players. It is always the turn of the player at the back. That player chooses one of the tiles. You may take the first tile, but also a tile much further away. But if you do that, it will take longer before it’s your turn again (other players could take the intermediate tiles and stay behind you, you have to wait until everyone has overtaken you again before it’s your turn again).

The tiles show different types of actions. Sometimes you get resources, sometimes you may convert resources into something else (grain into whiskey or meat into points), sometimes you just get some points and sometimes you get villagers, you may let a villagers run or promote to Chief (so he can score points). The villagers are important, because you may only place tiles if there is a villager on an adjacent tile. With some tiles you get an extra tile (special location) as a gift. These tiles depict special locations in Scotland (for example castles and lakes, with Loch Ness as the most famous of course). These tiles always give you something extra (e.g. money) and earn you points during the game. Some of these tiles also earn extra points at the end of the game.

A count takes place three times during the game. Then you get points for three categories: whiskey, chiefs and the number of special locations you have. The amount of points you get depends on how much more you have than the worst player (for example, if you have 7 whiskeys, while the worst player has only 5, you only get 2 points while you would have 8 points if the worst player had only 2 whiskeys). At the last count some special locations score extra points, for example three points for the number of village tiles you have built. Next, it is checked how many tiles everyone has built. If you have more tiles than the player with the smallest number of tiles, you get 3 points per tile. Whoever has the most points wins.

Glen More Review

Glen More A real Euro Game Cubepusher

Glen More is a real euro game: little theme, few rules, little player interaction, but lots of fun. You can actually always have some fun during your turn and it’s the challenge to keep an eye on the goal of the game and therefore go for the fastest way to victory (do a few things very well instead of a lot of things partly). You also have to keep a close eye on how the others are doing. At five whiskey/chiefs/locations more than the player with the least points you already get the maximum number of points, six more is wasted effort(although a little backup is pretty nice, but 7 is really too much). I think Glen More is too thin for casual players, but if you don’t mind an old-fashioned cubepusher, Glen More is a great way to fill an hour or two!