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Imhotep Board Game Review. Are you a bully?

Imhotep board game review pieces and cards

Image courtesy of: PZS69 @BoardGameGeek.

It’s kind of strange in my eyes that there has never before been a board game named after the famous Egyptian architect Imhotep. Imhotep lived over 4000 years ago and was the architect of the famous Djoser pyramids in Egypt. Well the time has come now for his fame to love on in a board game.

In Imhotep you as the player are one of the creators of the famous Egyptian monuments. It is your task to help create the famous pyramids, tombs, temples and obelisks. Unfortunately you are not the only one so you have to make your work stand out.

The game is played in seven rounds. Each round a card decides to which construction site each of the 4 boats go. Only, there are 5 construction sites, so one is left out each round.

Each player, in turn, has to perform one of the four possible actions.

  • Restock on building blocks
  • Place your building materials on a boat
  • Send a boat to a construction site
  • Play a ‘special’ action card

Skill is involved in choosing which action to take each turn. If you fill a boat with building materials but your opponent is the one that, during his turn, decides to which building site the boat will go, all your efforts will be for nothing. You cant just move a boat though. A boat can only move when there is just one empty spot left, so choose which one to fill carefully! And make sure you are the one that dictates where the cargo ends up.

Every locations rewards points in a different way. For example the piramide grants you between 1 and 4 points, depending on the order the blocks are turned it. So if you play it right, your block can be worth 4 points, if you set it up right. But remember, if your boat doesn’t go to the pyramids but to the obelisk, points will be rewarded differently.The obelisk rewards points at the end of the game, giving most points to the player with the most building blocks on site.

So… Is Imhotep a good board game?

Imhotep is a game that surprised me. It is beautifully designed and plays quick. The most fun if seeing your opponents (friends) have back luck while you just hit the (point) jackpot. Playing Imhotep is constantly trying to balance between trying to score points yourself and blocking a opponent from getting his or here points. Of course this is a game mechanic you find in a lot of games, but it works very well in this Egyptian theme!

I would recommend playing the game with 3 or 4 players, because the more players you can pester the better! Have fun being a bully to your friends and get Imhotep for your next gaming night!

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