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Karuba Review. Let’s Go Treasure Hunting!

Karuba board game review

Image courtesy of: airtoxin @BoardGameGeek.

When looking at the cover of Karuba box I can not help but think about Indiana Jones right away. On the box is a young look-a-like of Indiana at an Inca temple in a jungle holding up a shiny gold statue. In this game the players, like Indiana Jones, are allowed to search for precious treasures on a tropical island.

At the beginning of the game each player gets his own board with adventurers on the island. On the board, four adventurers are placed on the beach pictured on the edge of the board. On the other side of the is the jungle and here four treasures are hidden. The adventurers want to get to the treasures as quickly as possible, but before that, roads will have to be cleared.

Each player has received a set with square tiles with roads which they can construct to go through the jungle. In some places players may even encounter an extra hidden treasure. A player shuffles the tiles and locks them away. This player draws a tile every round and tells the other player which he has drawn (they are numbered). The other players then search for this tile on the board and use it.

You can use tiles in two ways. First of all, you can place the tile on the board to create paths from the adventurers (you) to the treasures (your goal). You can put the tiles everywhere and it does not even have to be fitting, but you are not allowed to turn tiles. If there is a treasure on the tile, you have to put it on the tile. By laying out the tiles in this manner, paths are created on the boards during the game.

The second way you can use the tiles is to put them away to get movement points for your adventurers. The adventurers are not allowed to just walk over the board, for that you have to turn in tiles. You can do as many steps as there are roads displayed on a tile. If there is one road on a tile then you have two exits and you can take two steps and at a tile with an intersection there are four exits and you can take four steps. You have to take the steps with the same adventurer. If you end your turn next to a treasure, you can pick it up. The goal is to get your adventurers to the treasures at the edge of the board as quickly as possible, because these treasures yield the most points. The sooner you are at a certain treasure, the more points it yields.

The game ends when the last tile is turned over. It often happens that there are still adventurers in the middle of the island. That is to bad but unfortunately, even if there already is a good path to their treasure, you still can not pick up the treasure. At the end of the game, the players count the points of the collected treasures by their adventurers. Whoever has the most points has won.

Karuba is one of the games in the HABA lineup.

Conclusion: Karuba makes you fee like Indiana Jones

Karuba is a very fun and exiting game. It is explained in simply, does not take too long to play, has an appealing theme (who doesn’t love Indiana Jones!), plays well and looks fantastic. What’s also nice about this game is that everyone is always playing, no need to wait for your turn. Everybody has the same tile every turn to do something with. You do not have to wait long for your turn regardless of how many players you play with.

Because you can put the adventurers and treasures on a different spot on the edge of the board and the tiles are drawn in a different order, the game plays slightly different every time. This gives Karuba a very high replay-ability. Karuba is a perfect family game that will just as well be appreciated by people who occasionally play a game as with veteran board game players. When will you start treasure hunting?