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Lanterns The Harvest Festival Review. It Is So Beautiful

Lanterns the harvest festival

Image courtesy of: kalchio @BoardGameGeek.

In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival by Renegade Game Studios players try to recreate the beautiful Chinese tradition of the harvest festival by playing tiles and lanterns. Each player starts with three tiles, and during your turn you place them on the table next to a other tile.

After that, players each get lantern-cards. The color of the lantern you get will always be the same as shown on your side of the tile you just placed. The player placing the tiles might also get a bonus. If you placed matching colored tiles you will get an extra card in that color. Lastly you are able to be awarded chips if the tile you placed, or adjacent ones, have a symbol on them.

At the start of each turn you will be able to turn the cards you collected for points. For example, you need to turn in 7 cards of different colors, or 4 same colored cards. If you have collected 2 chips you will be able to use those to trade a colored card for a different color. You can’t always get the same amount of points per task, the faster you finish a task the more points it awards.

As soon as all the tiles are put on the table and a beautiful lantern scenery has been formed, the game ends. The player who collected the most points during the different rounds wins the game.

Conclusion: Lanterns The Harvest Festival is beautiful!

Lanterns is a fun and tactical game. The rules are simple and it plays fast, which is a big plus for me. At first sight it seems pretty simple, play cards and collect the most points. But by only looking at the points you will get, you just might give your opponent a very good position to play from. Or you might just give him the card he needs to snatch the victory from right under you! The design is beautiful and i never get bored of seeing the beautiful harvest festival develop before my eyes.

If you are in the market for a small yet strategic card game and you love the Chinese theme i would surely recommend Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.