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Let’s Go Fishin’ Game Review

Let’s Go Fishin’ review

Ever wonder what kids like to do when they are free (which they are most of the time anyway;)), except breaking stuff and rallying a riot in the house. Don’t you know? If not, we might be able to help you in this regard. As we have noticed that all children love quality and fun board games! I assure you, they do.

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The one simple reason is that they find this sort of stuff engaging and cheerful. Not only it helps to improve their learning abilities but also provide them with a sense of attachment. 

Kids always find new horizons for playing and having a good time, well they are always about fun. That being said we have a fantastic board game review for you today. It’s called “Let’s go fishin“, it is kind of sassy don’t you think?

A few extensive highlights of Let’s Go Fishin’

  • It is a fast-paced game, in which you have to be smart and fast in order to score more points and win.
  • As the name implies, you’ll be provided with an onboard pool of fish and fish poles to help you catch some fish! Well, don’t worry they won’t bite.
  • This board game has a rotating base with multiple fishes opening and closing their mouth simultaneously, you’ll have to develop fantastic hand-eye coordination to catch the fish, or you’ll get nothing to cook, sorry!
  • The overall design and features are well-made
  • This game is excellent if you need to travel a lot and have to take your kids with you as well. Just find them a table and  let them play!

1. Savvy design and luxurious detailing

This game box comes with a deluxe plastic game base with the extensive detail-oriented body. You can see the light ripples like curves over the pool as if there is real water inside. 21 multi-coloured fish along with 4 plastic fishing poles also comes within the package. Sometimes the battery is provided with the box, and sometimes you’ll have to buy it yourself. So keep your eyes out for this when purchasing it! Might save you a few bucks. The overall design is magnificent. Not only they will engage themselves in this awesome activity but would also have a great time.

2. The gameplay

All you have to do is set up the board in front of you, put all 21 fishes into their respective compartments. Turn the switch on, and the pond will start rotating, fish opening and closing their mouth. In order to catch some fish, you have to reel them in fast, get your fishing pool over the mouth of the fish and try to catch some fish. Whoever will catch the most fish will win.

3. Let’s Go Fishin’ is an antidote to boredom

Often kids get bored because they don’t have to do anything, well, not with let’s go fishin’! Just set the table for them, hand them over a fishing pole and sit beside them. Yes! Like a competition, seeing their parents are supporting them with this activity will really turn on their spirits, and your family bond will start to develop there. Not only this, but it’ll also prove to be a fantastic exercise for them, they’ll learn about eye and hand coordination to get the prize, or they get nothing at all.

4. Different Modes to choose from

As the game could bring many benefits, it has some great play modes as well. You can start playing as who’ll catch the most fish win OR who will catch a particular colored fish. Frankly, there are a number of scenarios.

Children will feel an extraordinary sense of accomplishment as a real fisherman who is bringing food home for the family. Not only the game play is engaging, but when you add challenges and other criteria to the game, chances are your kid is going to be delighted. Also, if you have to travel a lot, then no worries, just put it inside the trunk of your car and get going. 

Kids love Let’s Go Fishin’ and probably as a parent you’ll love it too, for there is so much to gain and nothing to lose from playing it. Your child will most likely get a benefit in practicing hand-eye coordination, and you can have some peace of mind. So, go on, buy this astonishing game and surprise your children, polls out we are going fishing!