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Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Review

Lords of Waterdeep Scoundrels of Skullport Review

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport is an expansion to the highly successful Lords of Waterdeep. Lords of Waterdeep is a game of employment set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, in the city of Waterdeep. In Scoundrels of Skullport the city turns out to be even bigger, or should I say deeper. Underneath the city appears to be more than just mud…..

The expansion consists of two separate modules that you can play either separately or in combination. The first module is called Undermountain and the second is called Skullport. Both modules consist of an extra game board, extra Lords of Waterdeep and extra Intrigue and Quest cards.

Undermountain is the simplest module. On the game board there are three new locations where you can get extra resources and intrigue and quest cards by placing your men. The extra quest and intrigue cards you shuffle through the cards of Lords of Waterdeep and that’s it. Nothing else changes in the game.

Skullport is a more extensive module. Besides a game board with three extra locations where you can place your guys, there will also be an extra board on the table with mysterious blue skulls in groups.

These skulls can be given to you during the course of the game and are not good news as they earn penalty points at the end of the game. Per skull you get as many penalty points as groups of skulls have been taken from the board.

You can get the skulls, for example, if you use the new locations on the extra board. On these locations you get a lot of resources (for example two orange and two purple cubes), but you pay the price for it because there is a skull. Also with some intrigue or quest cards you can get extra skulls. Fortunately, some buildings, quests or intrigue cards can make you lose your skulls.

The box also contains additional resources for a sixth player and additional resource tokens.

Does Scoundrels of Skullport add to the base game?

Lords of Waterdeep is a good game. The most important addition of the expansion is extra playing time, which isn’t very positive. The Skullport expansion adds the most novelty with the skulls. In the games I played, it was so easy to get rid of them that the risk of an attractive action that required you to take a skull was not so high. This makes the choice less interesting.

All the extra choices will make the game go a little bit slower, which means you’ll spend more time in the end. Scoundrels of Skullport is not a bad expansion (the game doesn’t get any worse), but it does not add enough new stuff to make it a good expansion.