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Majesty – For The Realm Review. Fun And Different.

Image courtesy of: JackyTheRipper @BoardGameGeek.

In Majesty: For the Realm, a game by Hans im Gluck, you play to become king or queen. Fortunately, the throne has been empty for a while. The only thing your way are other wanna-be’s who (completely misplaced of course) think that not you but they are the most suitable to be crowned. But what you think is all irrelevant, in the end the people want a king that brings them prosperity. Everything else (such as table manners, looks and eloquence) are of secondary importance.

Majesty: for The Realm is a card game in which you recruit new workers each round who give you money in different ways (more about that). Whoever has earned the most money at the end of the game becomes the new king.

Each player puts 8 location cards in front of him. In the middle of the table is a stack of character cards (the workers). Six of these cards are opened up in a row. During your turn, you choose one of these character cards. You can take the first card. But if you prefer a different card, you have to put a meeple on each card that is in front of the card that you take. At the start of the game you get 5 meeples (during the game you can collect extra meeples). Some cards contain two different workers. With these cards you can choose how you want to use them. You put the card that you have chosen at the right building (the miller in the mill, the brewer in the brewery, etc.) and you get money.

For Each building it is indicated in which way they are valued when a new employee is hired. For example, at the mill you get 2 money for every miller who works there. The first time you choose a miller you get 2 money, but the next time four. Some buildings not only provide money for their own workmen, but also for others. If you get a brewer at the brewery, you won’t just get 2 money and a meeple, but every player (including yourself) who has at least one miller will also get two money (the miller of course picks up a piece of corn with it). from a brewery because it supplied the grain).

During the battle for the throne it is quite restless in the kingdom. It is therefore smart to hire some guards. In addition to the income this generates, they also protect you against enemy knights. If someone plays a knight, then he attacks the other players. If you do not have at least as many guards as the attacker knights, one of your workers will end up in the hospital. Fortunately, you can hire a herbal woman (also called a witch) to heal the wounded.

The game ends after the 12th round. At that moment there is final rating. In the final evaluation you get four times the number of different workers that you have in money (so if you have five different types of workmen, you get 25 money). After that, for every type of worker will be checked which player has the majority and he or she is also given money for that. Finally, you get fines for workers who are still in the hospital. The player with the most money wins the game.

The maps are double-sided. The A-side is just a bit easier and friendlier than the B-side. In the rules they advised to play with A or B, but they indicate that you can experiment with unofficial combinations of A and B cards.

Conclusion: Majesty For The Realm

Majesty: For The Realm is a very family friendly game. You can play it in no time and it has a high one-time value. The game is very simple: choose a character card and perform the corresponding goal. The game really plays smooth. That does not mean, however, that you do not have to think about it. It does indeed reward you if you have something of a strategy and keep an eye on what the other players are doing. If you have no guards yourself and there is a knight, then it might be smart to grab that knight even if a miller gives more points in that turn. The game even contains a bit of humor. If a double-character card ends up in the hospital, then you can change the profession on that, if the witch heals him. The time in the hospital has been a moment for reflection. Suddenly you know: you do not want to be a lady anymore, you become a guard!

I expect that Majesty will appeal to a wide audience. Because of the simple rules and short playing time it is very suitable for families. Even if you do not know the game, you can immediately play along after just a brief explanation. For hardcore tabletop lovers it is a nice game to wrap up a game night.