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Nyet! Review. A Classic Is Back!

Nyet! Review

Good games never lose their appeal so there will always be a publisher trying to re-introduce an old classic. Of course, most of the times they update the game somewhat, mostly visually though. Same goes for Nyet! but it has some fun additions as well.

Nyet! is a game by IELLO in which you try to win rounds, but with a little twist. It plays pretty straight forward. One player starts by playing a card, the other players have to follow. The player that wins the round will be able to play the first card the next round. Every round is worth points, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

But besides a new theme Nyet also introduces some rule variations. Before the first round all players together decide who will be the starting player, how much cards will be put down or passed along. Lastly you will decide who much points will be awarded each round. It’s not much of a difference but enough for me te keep it just that bit more interesting than the ‘standard’ version.

All the options that you are able to choose from are depicted on a card in the center of the table. One by one players place tokens on the option they do not want, until there is only one free option left per row. Lastly before you start, the first player will have to choose a buddy or teammate to play with. If you win a round, both players get the full amount of points for that round.

Normally you will play as much rounds as there are players, but you are free to choose to play more or less rounds as you desire. Naturally, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Conclusion, does Nyet! provide enough variation?

Most people like to play a fast game in which you have to win rounds to gather points, and so do I. Nyet! provides a fun twist to the standard game by having these variable rules which you decide together, or rather by picking the rules which you don’t want! You are supposed to be able to play the game with 3 players but i would advise against it. This means you always have a one versus two situation going on, which in my opinion, is just a bit unbalanced. But with four or five players, Nyet! is a really fun card game to play and in my opinion you cant have enough of those right!