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Patchwork Review. So Much Fun Patching Things Up.

Patchwork Board Game Review

Image courtesy of: asmyr42 @BoardGameGeek.

In Patchwork, a game by Lookout Games, the players start with a field of 9 by 9 blocks. On this field players construct a patchwork during the game (that’s what its called right?). Whoever has made the most beautiful patchwork at the end of the game (with many buttons on it and few holes in it of course) wins the game.

Between the two players there is a sign with a time track and around it all patchwork chips with a wooden doll in between. During your turn you can choose between two things: needlework or cash. If you are going to work, pick up one of the three patchwork chips directly in front of the doll and place it on your field. You have to pay the costs shown on the chip (a combination of time and knots). If you are cashing, you walk as many steps forward on the time track until you have just one space between you and the other player. You then get as many buttons as you have taken steps. The player who is furthest back on the time track is always on turn. So if you choose tiles that cost little time you can play several times in a row.

On the timetable there is a patchwork chip of a single compartment in a number of places (very useful for filling up strange corners). The player who is the first to cross this space can take it and use it for this Patchwork. Furthermore, there are nodes on the time track. The moment you pass a button, you get extra income (just as many buttons as you are currently displaying on your patchwork).

As soon as both players are at the end of the time track, the final score is determined. For every node you have on your patch you get one point and every empty box on your field costs you two penalty points. Whoever has the most points has won. That is all there is to say about Patchwork. It is simple and plays quick, so dragging this out any longer would just complicate things and would undermine its beautiful simplicity.

Conclusion: Patchwork beautiful in its simplicity 

Patchwork is a surprisingly fun two-person game. The game has many advantages: it is explained quickly, it plays smoothly, has a relatively short playing time (handy for revenge games, hehe) it looks great and is not expensive. During the game you are continually challenged to make interesting choices, take the chip which is good for you, but put your opponent within a distance of three of a chip that is great for him, or take knots to cross your opponent and possible be able to take two turns after that. Choices, choices! Patchwork really is beautiful in its simplicity and is highly recommended for couples to play as well. I would say pick it up the next time you see it in store, it wont hurt you wallet that much and is a great addition to you collection at home!