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Cauldron Quest Review – Peaceable Kingdom

Cauldron Quest game review

Peaceable Inc. is destined to bring its worthy customers perfectly engineered and situation-based board games from time to time. They have launched almost all type, build and quality of board games. But this fantastic game Cauldron Quest has proven to be a breakthrough; Not only has it broken all the records regarding board games but also has won more than three consecutive awards for best game for magical spells and potions.

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The Most Peculiar Game play

The game play is straightforward and yet of unique nature, in this magical game of potions and spells you’ll have to break a powerful spell cast upon your kingdom by a powerful wizard. You’ll have to work in teams to find various potion combinations to rectify the power of the spell.

But here is the fun part; even if you have found the right potion, you still have to reach the large cauldron present in the center of the board dodging the various path blockers implanted by the evil wizard.

To allow the ingredients to cook together and release an antidote against the spell. The overall journey is packed with fun and deliberate dangerous maneuvers of the evil wizard. Kids would have to work together to beat the wizard and his evil plans of taking down the Kingdom.

What comes within the box

Here is a brief list of many items which come with the box.

  • One well-designed game board
  • 3 black magic dice
  • 2 white action dice
  • 1 wizard hat with stand
  • 1 spell breaker token
  • 6 path blockers
  • 6 cauldron ingredients
  • 6 potion bottles

Detail oriented Specifications

This amazing board game comes with great styling and focuses on the details. The layout, game design and all the potions and ingredients are made through concentrating over the very basic need of the board game which is magic and fantasy.

Everything is perfect; even the evil wizard just looks real, it will surely take the children into a magical fantasy and rebel against the evil wizard.

What Children will learn

This is another series referring to cooperative game play among the children, so, there will be no chance of kids quarreling and yelling at each other. Because a single player will not win, it has to be a team effort. Either everybody wins, or nobody escapes the tyranny of the evil wizard. Children taking part in this game will surely learn;

Strategic thinking.

The art of deduction; which will allow them to interpret the next moves of the evil wizard, where he is going to place path blockers and how to outsmart them.

Effective communication and cooperation

Problem-solving among children

Working as a productive team member to win the game

Positive self-esteem

Creative thinking and shared decision-making


If you consider your child more into chemistry and understanding magical objects, then definitely this game will prove to be a milestone for them. It is likely a scenario that they will never get bored with because of the endless fun as there are a number of different possibilities when it comes to mixing various potions. Children will learn to work as a team and therefore will make effective progress in the game play. The game play is also not tough, children will understand in two or three tries.

Well, this is it; it is fun and engaging, and more of a role-playing game therefore children of all ages will definitely love the game. If you want them to have, some of the best encounters with fantasy consider buying them Cauldron Quest by Peaceable Kingdom.