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Dinosaur Escape Game Review – Peaceable Kingdom

Dinosaur Escape board game review

Another fascinating, enriched with history and evolution based board game from peaceable kingdom named “Dinosaurs Escape” is here. The game comes with a varying set of contents related to game play, and it requires speed, cooperation and sophistication in order to play it nicely and also to win of course! The idea behind the game is simple you have to extract the dinosaurs from the grazing fields and back to the dinosaur island before the volcano erupts. Tick Tock Tick Tock, run for your lives!

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In a hurry? Have a quick look at the facts

  1. Provides a challenging and engaging game for children to stick with and explore more.
  2. For those who have some issues regarding counting, memory and speed this game will surely help to rectify these particular challenges.
  3. As the concept regarding “Dinosaurs” may sound a bit uneasy the graphics are not gory at all; they are developed with an eye on the player’s age (3-7). And provide a magnificent and friendly world of the free-living creatures of the Jurassic period!
  4. Creates a robust atmosphere that facilitates learning, cooperation and developing strong memory traits among children.
  5. No rivalry or competition is required at all, just a good plan and some guts to survive the lava erupting volcano and back to the safe haven.

These were various facts and virtues of the game, now let us dive into a brief and conceptual Dinosaur Escape Review;

The Gameplay

The gameplay requires the following elements to secure the dinosaurs out of harm’s way and to save the day;

  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation
  • Memory

Even if the little ones lack any of the above, the game itself will teach these qualities and also strengthen them with the passage of time. Overall gameplay is not that complex all you have to do is safe the dinosaurs and take them back to the island. You will be given a die to dictate your moves in the game if a number appears you can take the dinosaur to the island. If not you can work on the volcano to complete the puzzle in order to stop its eruption, whichever comes first.

Kids will learn to count, memory jogging and color matching techniques which will help them to dominate the game.

Run for your lives

The volcano is erupting, there is lava everywhere, and dinosaurs unaware of the whole situation are in desperate need of assistance. During this Jurassic-riot children will learn how to tackle difficult situations and extending the help towards whomever in need of it. You will have to assist the dinosaurs to the island to save their lives. If the lava reaches the island first you lose.

Extracurricular gameplay

Apart from the main gameplay which is to assist the dinosaur back to the island, children will find themselves surrounded by various other possible gaming modes like completing the volcano puzzle, matching similar dinosaur and many more. These side elements allow the kids to learn and explore more and also increase their attention to detail and understanding the bigger picture more clearly which is saving the dinosaurs.

3D design with cutting-edge graphics

The overall layout of Dinosaur Escape is magnificent with attention to detail and cutting-edge graphics. All the characters, playing field, volcano and the dinosaur island is detailed as 3-dimensional graphics for more attachment and fun gameplay among the children. 

If you have made up your mind to buy this beautiful game that’s good, if not then think about how it can help your kids to learn new things. Overall this game is very intuitive, and fun seeking among the children for the qualities and positive team build it has to offer.