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Potion Explosion Review. Mixing it up!

Potion Explosion Review

Image courtesy of: Wizzy Parkerir @BoardGameGeek.

In Potion Explosion, a game by Horrible Games, there is a big marble collection box in the center of the table. This is called the mixer. In this mixer you will find marbles of four different colors divided over five different rows. The marbles are ingredients which you need in special combinations to form powerful potions.

Each player tries to finish two potions at the same time, but he has some room on the board to keep a stack of ‘extra’ marbles. Each different potion shows how much of each marble you need to create it

During your turn you are allowed to take one marble from the mixer. By taking this marble, two other marbles will fall down and bump up to each other. If these two marbles are of the same color, you can have these as well. As a bonus, any additional marbles of the same color adjacent to the first two are also yours. But, by picking up the new marbles, two new marbles will fall down again ,which can also be of the same color. This can go on and on (if you are lucky). It might just happen that you are able to pick up a whole bunch of marbles at the same time!

Bad luck also happens when the colors are just not lining up in your favor. Luckily you can turn to the master for help. The penalty for this is two deduction points at the end of the game, but his might just be worth it if you are able to line up the colored marbles in your favor.

Every potion you make has and advantage or action you can take. For example, you might pick any marble from the mixer, and not just the first one in line. Secondly it might also happen that you can steal a marble from your opponent and mess up his entire strategy!

Besides, every potion is worth points on its own. The more ingredient (marbles) you need to create it, the more points the potion will give. You are also able to collect special coins which you will get by collection a certain combination of potions. Five different potions, or three the same, will award you with with coin. Each coin is worth one point.

The game will end when a certain number of these coins has been collected. Player will finish the round that is being played and at the end of the round the player with the most points will be awarded ‘student of the year’.

Conclusion: Potion Explosion, watch this!

At first sight Potion Explosion might look a bit more like a fun gimmick than a real board or strategy game. But it is actually pretty fun. There really is a strategy involved in the game. Of course you are limited in your turn by just simply taking the best marble which will result in a explosion with the most marbles in it for you. There isn’t much planning in just, you just pick the best one. But where tactic comes in is what potions to brew, when to use them and in which manner. Besides, there are multiple ways to earn victory points as well, do u try to get them through potion points or by collecting the coins. Lastly if and when to use the help of the mast might also make a difference.

Of course, luck will play a big factor in this game, but i don’t see anyone buying this to expect a deep strategic challenge the likes of Mage Knight or Pandemic. But Potion Explosion is a very fun and entertaining game that has enough elements to cater to the more experienced players while making it easy to get into for beginners as well, and still be able to be played multiple times. Besides, Potion Explosion has a very unique look and it will surely attract spectators when you are playing it!

We reviewed the expansion Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient which you can view by clicking on the link.

We hope you enjoyed the review and see you in the next one!