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Potion Explosion – The Fifth Ingredient Review. More Explosions.

Potion Explosion - The Fifth Ingredient

Things are going well with the Potion Explosion university! The number of pupils is growing and so there is room to offer additional courses and attract new teachers. There are even special courses for advanced students who are allowed to work with more complex ingredients for even more challenges. Hope it turns out fine in!

Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient is a expansion to the original Potion Explosion (you can read our review of the base game here) and consists of a number of new assignment cards (the potions), professor tiles, some extra chips and of course the fifth ingredient (ghost ectoplasm). You can choose which elements you add to a game of Potion Explosion. The basis of the game remains exactly the same.

There are four new potions in the expansion that all four introduce a new bonus action. So with the Chameleonic Varnish you can use all marbles of a certain color in your hand for a different color. With two of these drinks, you bring the fifth ingredient (ghost ectoplasm) into play. These are white marbles that take on every color you want (they are jokers). You can also throw these marbles as a drink back into the ingredient mixer, which means that more and more of these tasty joker ingredients pop up during the game.

There are also seven professor cards in the game. Every professor introduces an extra rule that offers you extra opportunities or extra challenges. For example, Albedus Humblescore is well-disposed towards his students and you can take a help from the master token (which yields two penalty points at the end of the game) if you hand in two marbles from your hand. But Gideon Prisssyman, for example, is clearly not very fond of his students. If you drop an ingredient on the table during your lesson, you will receive a penalty token that will result in a penalty point at the end of the game.

Conclusion: Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient, fun for the whole family.

Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient is a fun, smooth family game. If you put this on the table, you can be sure that people will come and have a look at the marbles. The expansion keeps the core of the game and only adds some small possibilities for variation. Especially if you have done Potion Explosion often, it is fun to play with new potions. The professors also give the game a small but fun twist. If you like Potion Explosion, you’ll also like the expansion. But if you did not like Potion Explosion, the expansion does not add anything that will change your opinion.