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Qwinto Review – A more challenging Qwixx

Qwinto review

Qwinto is the successor of the successful dice game Qwixx. The similarities between these two games are great: in both games dice and number series are the central focus. The big question is of course: is Qwinto’s as fun and great as that of its big brother Qwixx?

In Qwinto the players work on three increasing series of numbers. Each player has a sheet from a notebook in front of him with on it an orange, yellow and purple row that will be filled with numbers during play.

In one turn the active player throws as many dice as he wants. Then he adds up the numbers he has thrown. If the active player is not happy with the outcome, he may throw over once, but that outcome is final. The number thrown may then be placed anywhere in one of the rows of numbers. You have to pay attention to the colors of the dice used, because you may only use rows of which the same color dice is thrown. So if you throw a 3 and a 4 with the yellow and purple die, you may place a seven anywhere in the yellow or purple row. The rows must also be neatly ascending and each number may only occur once in a row. You also have to make sure that in a column each number may only occur once.

The active player must use the number and if that is not possible, he must tick the failed roll box (this results in negative points at the end of the game). The other players may use the number, but are not required to.

The game ends when one player has completed two rows or when one player has to acknowledge his fourth failed roll. Then the player with the most points is calculated. For rows that have been filled in correctly, you get the highest number of points. For rows that have not been filled in completely, you get as many points as you have filled in numbers. Then there are points to be awarded for the columns where all three numbers are filled in and where there is a honeycomb box. If you have filled in the three numbers in such a column, you also get the value of the honeycomb box. Finally, five points are deducted for each failed roll. The player with the most points wins!

Qwinto is a more challenging version of Qwixx

Qwinto is certainly as much fun as Qwixx, perhaps even more so. It is a challenge to simultaneously fill up the rows and columns, to make the right number as high as possible and to add high values to the honeycomb boxes. In the beginning every number is good, but soon you have to throw numbers in between others. And then the question is which combination of dice is the best way to achieve this! The game plays smoothly and because everyone can enter the number thrown, everyone is continuously involved in the game. The game works well with both a few and many players. Lovers of dice games in general and Qwixx in particular, cannot let this one pass. Also, be prepared to buy new notebooks because this game is addicting and you will burn trough the pages quick!