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Qwixx Big Points Review – Rightfully called ‘Big Qwixx’

qwixx big points review

Some people really like the first expansion (Qwixx Mixx) of Qwixx, some don’t. And if you really like Qwixx, you will probably be tempted to buy this expansion as well, as it only costs a few bucks. This expansion is called Big Points and the question is whether it will also deliver ‘Big Fun’.

The expansion consists of a new scoreboard (with new rules of course). The first thing you notice is that the card is much larger than the card of Qwixx or the cards of the first expansion. The reason for this is that there are not 4, but six rows of numbers on the card.

Besides the standard red, yellow, green and blue rows, there are two more rows on the sheet. One between yellow and red (with half yellow and half red circles) and one between green and blue (with half green and half blue circles).

The game itself remains the same, with just one extra option. If you may tick a number of a certain colour for the second time, you may tick the number in yellow/red or green/blue. So suppose you have already ticked the yellow 3, and another 3 is thrown (or you can make a 3 in your own turn using a white and a yellow die), then you may tick the 3 in the yellow/red row. Of course you have to check the numbers from left to right, so if you skip a number, you may not check it later.

The crosses in the yellow/red row count for both the yellow row and the red row (and the green/blue row works the same). You will therefore have many more crosses and therefore score higher (up to 120 points per colour). The player with the most points wins of course.

The Big Brother of Qwixx

The first expansion was good but, from that expansion I learned that it is difficult to make an expansion for Qwixx that is as fun as the original, even tough it was fun. The second expansion fortunately shows that it is not impossible to come up with a nice variant of Qwixx. It is rightfully called the Big version of Qwixx. The game doesn’t actually change, it just takes a bit longer because you can tick more numbers (which would otherwise have been a mistake) and you can score a lot more points. There’s really nothing wrong here. This extension can therefore certainly bear many peoples approval. It is just Qwixx with a little extra. If you play Qwixx with pleasure, you will also love this game.