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Qwixx Mixx Review – A bit to much mixing

Who doesn’t like them? Those games that are so well explained, nice and easy to play , not too much thinking involved, short duration and guarantee fun. Qwixx is such a dice game. And for this game an expansion has now appeared, for even more fun. At least, that is the intention.

In standard Qwixx you have to cross off numbers based on the dice thrown on a note with four series of numbers. The red and yellow series increase from 2 to 12 and the blue and green series decrease from 12 to 2. The expansion for Qwixx consists of two blocks where the numbers are sorted differently.

On the first block the colours have been mixed up. The upper row no longer consists of only red numbers (from 2 through 12), but the numbers are 1-3-4 yellow, 5-6-7 blue, 8-9-10 green and 11-12 red. On the other rows the colors are mixed in a different way.

On the second block, the numbers are mixed by row. For example, the top row is still red but instead of the numbers rising neatly from 2 to 12, they are criss-crossed (10-6-2-8-3-4-12-5-9-7-11). The other three rows have been scattered in a different way.

The rules of the game have remained exactly the same. In your turn you throw six dice (2 white, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1 green). All players may discard the number on their note that has been thrown with the white dice (the numbers thrown are added up). The colour does not matter then. The active player may also discard a number that is the sum of a colored and a white die, but this must be in the color of the colored die. You have to cross off numbers from left to right, so if you skip a number, then you cannot cross off that number later. The game ends when a player has been unable to cross a number off four times in his active turn or when two rows have been closed because the last number has been crossed off. The more boxes in a row that have been marked out, the more points you get. Whoever has the most points wins.

Qwixx Mixx a bit to much mixing

Qwixx is one of those games that makes you wonder why no one had thought of it before. It seems so simple. But if the expansion shows anything, it may be that it isn’t that easy to come up with a simple game. I do not really like the expansion. Because the numbers and colors are mixed, it takes much more effort to see where a number is and then it is also more difficult to decide what to do because the numbers and/or those further down the list are also mixed together. This takes the speed out of the game and makes it a lot less fun to play than standard Qwixx. I didn’t expect it would matter that much in which order the colors and numbers would appear on the note. This is where Qwixx Mixx proves how good Qwixx itself is.