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Top 5 reasons to play board games

Some days we need to unwind and let go of some stress. Having a game night is helpful and is becoming more common among adults these days. It gives us a reason to have fun and relax with people we love; some go the movies, play mini golf, others stay at home to play cards and board games. This is not just for kids because board games are fun and there are benefits to sitting down and playing a game like Monopoly, Life, or Pictionary. Here are 5 reasons why people should be playing board games more often!

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Why should you play board games?

5. They can be good for your health

Playing board games have various health benefits, both physical and mental. It can lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system because you are relaxed and not stressed out sitting behind a screen. When board games are played, there will be funny moments; laughter releases endorphins that help reduce stress and anxiety. Research has also shown a link between playing board games and its help in reducing cognitive conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, keeping your memory safe and useful as you get older!

4. Socializing is an important part of board games

We are all about our cell phone and computer, cutting down in-person communication, especially with text. Put the phone down because board games allow us to talk with others and enjoy time with friends and family. Board games require multiple players and which can be of any age. More advanced and challenging board games have been produced and there is a growing independent sector of modern board games with a cult following. There is most likely a local board game community near you where you can speak to, and connect with, other board game lovers.

3. They help you save money

Winning a board game requires a good strategy. Critical thinking is an important skill to have. This creates various characteristics like self-confidence. Frugalism is not a bad thing, and because video games and the movies are an expensive endeavor, board games are a good alternative. So save some money with an investment in a board game, which can vary a lot in cost from very cheap to very expensive. But one investment can last a long time and playing with close friends is always fun .

2. Board games can be played anywhere

At home, at camp, on a plane, or on the subway (as Newman and Kramer did with Risk), board games are a very portable piece of entertainment. No need to charge a machine or get batteries; board games just require your careful attention so nothing falls from the board. There are travel versions of various board games such as Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.

1. Learn To Lose

Here’s a really good characteristic building moment; losing is terrible, but it does help build inner strength in taking a loss with ease. No one likes sore losers and bragging winners, just like how we don’t like athletes blaming a loss on the refs. Losing in board games can help our ego in handling defeat.

Board games are fun and they are not going away. It has many benefits compared to video games and other activities. It creates social skills you cannot get through Twitter or text and it’s just plain old fun!