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Splendor Review – Should Have Won Spiel des Jahres 2015!

A diamond is not just a girls best friend. In Splendor, men also hunt for shiny stones. And not only diamonds are sought after, but also emeralds, sapphires, rubies and onyxes.

In Splendor, players must collect gems (depicted on wonderful heavy poker chips) to buy (assignment) cards with mines, means of transport and the services of artists. Each card you buy shows a gem and a number of points. The gem gives you one gem discounted in that color on each subsequent purchase. And you need these points to win. The more expensive a card is, the more points it scores.

In your turn, you may either take gems (three different gems or two of the same kind), claim an assignment card, or hand in gems to complete an assignment (an open one or a claimed one). At the beginning of the game you can only perform the easiest tasks, but the further the game progresses, the more gems you have in stock, the heavier the tasks you can perform will become.

As soon as a player has at least 15 points, the round will be completed and the player with the most points wins the game.

Splendor better game of the year than Camel up!

Splendor is a game of which it is difficult to explain what would be fun about it. Based on the explanation it sounds rather silly and not very innovative (collecting gems and using them to perform tasks that consist of nothing more than handing in the gems in the right combination). However appearances can be deceiving! You really need to do some planning for which tasks you want to do and how you want to do that. Get your first cheap card that gives you the rest of the game a discount or go as fast as possible for expensive assignments. Do you have to sacrifice a turn to reserve a nice assignment for you or can no one else do it and can you wait quietly?

A lot of people think this game should have won the Spiel des Jahres 2015 instead of Camel Up (read our review here), and I wont debate that. This is a perfect all-round game that will appeal to both families and hardcore gamers.