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Spyfall Board Game Review. Will you be able to infiltrate?

Spyfall Review

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The life of a spy is rarely easy, as you will discover in this party game. And it doesn’t even matter if you are playing on the side of the good guys or the bad guys. Just try to keep a cool head when you are on the verge of being found out! Only the real pros know how to navigate a tough situation like this, and you are one of them in this game. At Least, you are supposed to be.

Spyfall is a game by Cryptozoic Entertainment which you play in groups. Each of the groups has one infiltrator. Its up to the group to find out the identity of the infiltrator, and it’s up to the infiltrator to discover the location of the group. The way you get information is by asking questions.

At the start of each round, each player gets a card. The card shows the location of the group and the role of the specific player. Everyone is in the same location though. For example, if you are at the zoo you can be a visitor but also a guard or employee. The infiltrator or spy will only have the picture of a spy on his card. When all cards are divided the questions can start!

By answering questions the group tries to let each other know that they know at what location they are, but they have to do it subtle so that the spy won’t guess the location. The fun part is trying to ask smart questions about which people with information know the right answer and people who don’t have the right information have to be guessing. It sounds a lot easier that it actually is!

The goal is to find the spy within 8 minutes of playtime, while the spy tries to keep his identity a secret. At the same time the spy can try to guess at what location the group is.

You can play the game with or without a scoring system. For example, you can award the winning players one point for winning. So either the spy gets a point or the group gets a point. The next round you redistribute the cards again and (most likely) a other player will be spy. After a few rounds, you check who got the most points, and you declare him the winner.

Its also fun to just play a few rounds without points.

Conclusion: Why did no one think about Spyfall before?

This is the kind of game that makes you wonder why no one though of it before. It is fun and easy to play, but pretty hard to ask the right questions and give the right answers. This is true for both the spy and the group. Many times it has happened for us that someone tried to answer ‘smart’ but made himself suspicious at the same time. This also makes the game very fun.

This game can be played with different group combinations and for us, nobody ever disliked the game. We always played more than one round and everyone was having a blast. To be honest, not much people where playing with the points in mind, but all were just trying to have a fun time. It is a very good game to start off your game night or just take with you to a party you expect to be boring (just don’t insult the host by suggesting a game of Spyfall;)). With Spyfall a fun time is ensured!