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Sushi Go Review – A Simple But Fun Game

Games about Japanese cuisine have been particularly popular lately. A few years ago we already saw Geharrewar in the Sushibar and Wazabi, at Spiel 2014 we saw Sushi Dice and now White Goblin Games brings Sushi Go to the international market.

Sushi Go is based on the passing on principle of games like Fairy Tale and 7 Wonders. Players receive a hand with cards, choose one of them and pass the rest to the player next to them. The chosen card is put down by everyone in front of themselves. When all cards have been dealt and everyone has the same number of cards in front of them, a scoring follows. Whether and how many points you get differs per card: with the maki rolls you must have collected the most of them, with the sashimi’s you must collect sets of three and the nigiris only score a lot of points if you first sprinkle some wasabi sauce.

Sushi Go is a four-course menu: you play three rounds including scoring. At the end, points are awarded for dessert. During the rounds you can also collect puddings. They are the only cards left between the rounds, but only participate in the count at the end. After the fourth count, when the points for the puddings are also awarded, the player with the most points wins.


Sushi Go it’s…… yummy

While 7 Wonders (read my review here) is a more complex variant in the genre, Sushi Go is one of the simplest. That may make it a little too light for experienced players, but for families and occasional players it is ideal. It is easy to understand, but the different cards offers enough possibilities to try different strategies. Especially the chopsticks, which are not worth any points but can be used once to hold two cards. Strategies like this give the game some extra tactics.

As far as I’m concerned, the design is a big plus for the game. The cheerful pastel-colored cards with cute anime illustrations will certainly increase the joy of playing with children. Finally, the very nice bento box where the game is in is the icing on the cake.