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Ticket To Ride New York Review – Faster is Better!

ticket to ride new york review

Image courtesy of: geigersplat @BoardGameGeek

Ticket to Ride has more than deserved its classic status. The game is over 14 years old, but still sells like crazy. It’s the kind of game people buy once they’ve played it. It is therefore very attractive for retailers to demo in their stores. Because the entire game takes up too much space and takes too long for a demo in a shop, the publisher has made a special demo version in which potential buyers can get to know this winner in fifteen minutes. This version played so well that people would then like to buy the demo version. This is not (yet) possible, but Days of Wonder has released another special fast version: Ticket to Ride New York.

In Ticket to Ride New York you are a tourist in the fifties who wants to see as much of New York as possible as soon as possible. To get to the different touristic locations as quickly as possible, you use a real New York icon: the taxi!

So the game board of Ticket to Ride shows the street map of New York center with the different must-sees. All players have 15 taxis in their colour and start with 2 destination cards (of which at least 1 must be kept) and 2 transport cards. The routes between the hotspots are also very short here (one route of 4 and the other routes are shorter). In your turn, as in all other Ticket to Ride variants, you may draw transport cards, claim routes or draw additional destination cards. A difference with the regular Ticket to Ride is that there is no scoring track around the board, the points of your routes are calculated at the end of the game.

The end round of the game is triggered when someone has a maximum of 2 taxis left and after that everyone can play one more turn. The final score is then determined by adding up the value of the tickets and the value of the routes created. To this number is added the number of top attractions (such as Times Square, Empire State Building and Wall Street) that you have visited. The player with the most points wins the game.

Ticket To Ride New York Review Summary

Ticket to Ride New York is 100% the gaming fun of Ticket to Ride, but in a fraction of the time. With two experienced players, you’ll be ready in ten minutes. Because you have fewer turns, the luck factor plays a slightly bigger role (especially in drawing destination cards), but because it’s such a fast-paced game, I don’t think that’s a big problem. The extra scoring option for the number of top attractions you have visited is a nice addition. It ensures that you can continue to collect points until the last round.

The key question, of course, is whether it is worth buying this version if you already have a Ticket to Ride game. However, the answer to this question is not clear. In itself, a complete game of Ticket to Ride is more fun because you have more time to build something and luck averages out more. But sometimes you don’t have time for a whole game and then this is really a fun game to play quickly. It is also easier to take with you on a trip than (a variant of) the normal game.