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Tides of Time Board Game Review

Tides of Time board game review

Tides of Time is a card game for two people. The game consists of only 18 cards and four cardboard chips. The beautifully illustrated cards depict castles. Furthermore, most cards in the left corner have a colour and in the right corner a rule based on which points can be earned (for example 7 points if you have the most green cards, or three points for each pink card).

The rules of the game are childishly simple. Each round, both players receive five cards. They choose one of them, place it in front of them at the same time and then pass on the remaining four cards to the other player. Then both players choose another card from the four cards they have received, place this card face-up at the same time and pass on the remaining three cards to the other player. And you do this three more times until each player has five cards in front of him.

For each of these five cards, it is determined how many points he earns based on the rules on the right hand corner. Next, each player chooses one card to hold ( this is where you place a cardboard tile) and one card that leaves the game. The remaining three cards are taken back into your hand and you refill your hand to five cards so that you are ready for the next round. This way three rounds are played and whoever has the most points after three rounds wins the game.

Would I recommend Tides of Time?

Tides of Time is a real game ‘snack’ for two. You effortlessly play it in fifteen minutes and the rules are deceptively simple. The choices you make are anything but obvious. You really try to estimate with which cards you have the best chance of scraping some points together and which cards you (even if you don’t like them yourself) really shouldn’t give to your opponent. Because of the short playing time it is a game that you will often play several times in a row. The more often you play it the better you know how to value the different cards and the more interesting the game becomes. This is a great two-person game to have in your backpack to fill up lost quarters. This game also seems to me to be very suitable to take with you on holiday. You can put the 18 cards in a ziplock, replace the cardboard chips with a coin from your wallet and the game can go anywhere with you.