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What Are Educational Board Games?

Educational board games or board games that help teach you something are called educational games. They’re usually played by younger children although adults tend to play them as well. Some of the more common educational board games include Pictionary, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, and other games. These games can help develop skills such as communication, a better vocabulary, and help you learn words. The games can teach children how to take turns, how to wait, and how to win and how to lose in a graceful manner.

The History of Education Board Games 

Board games have been used by ancient cultures for generations. It is even believed that these educational games were first used by ancient Egyptian civilizations around 4,000 years ago. There have been discoveries in ancient Chinese culture as well that shows that people were playing board games several thousand years ago. Many of these games are still being played today but they’ve just been modified a bit to modern times. These education board games have been used as teaching tools to help younger children learn. In the age of iPhone applications, digital games, and other games, older style board games still have a wide appeal.

Who Will Enjoy Playing Educational Board Games?

These games do apply to a wide audience. While they are often played by children, adults often play educational board games such a Scrabble which is a very popular game. These games are popular because they make you think, they are fun to play, and they give you something to do while training your brain at the same time. Older adults for example, can benefit from educational board games because they help keep the brain active and this can help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia because the brain is getting the exercises that it needs.

Younger children that play educational board games can develop communication skills and language skills that they will need later on in life. They can learn simple thinking skills, math skills, and other skills in a fun and educational way without it feeling like they are actually in a school situation because they are having fun playing a game, but they are learning at the same time.

Which Types of Educational Board Games Exist?

Many different types of educational board games. Some games deal with vocabulary such a Scrabble, other games deal with skills such as mathematics. Monopoly for example,  is a great game that teaches you about money and real estate investing. This game can be enjoyed by the entire family and it’s just a simple example of an educational board game. There are games that can teach you about geography, science, and many other educational categories. There’s a wide range of games to choose from.

Top 10 Educational Board Games

  1. Evolution: Climate
  2. 1775: Rebellion
  3. Freedom: The Underground Railroad
  4. Morels
  5. 1812: The Invasion of Canada
  6. Fauna
  7. 878: Vikings – Invasions of England
  8. Spot it!
  9. Wits & Wagers Family
  10. Kolejaka


Educational board games can be played by the entire family and they can help everybody learn. They are especially beneficial to children because they can help them learn critical skills while the child has fun at the same time. These games can also be beneficial for adults especially older adults that need to exercise their brain.