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What Are Wargames?

When it comes to board games, Wargames are probably the most common genre of board games that are out there. There’s different types of war games that you can play which cover everything from ancient history, up until modern times as well as many fantasy elements such a space travel, monsters, and so on. These games are enjoyed by a wide range of people and there’s no shortage of games for you to try.

The History of Wargames

Board games themselves have been around for a very long time. It’s estimated that they were first played in ancient Egypt with a game called Senet. There were also games played in ancient China. Throughout history board games have evolved and become more popular. One of the current most popular genres is the Wargame style board game. In 1957, one of the most famous Wargame style board game was created which is called Risk. This is a game where you take over a map and battle with other players. Many people today still enjoy playing board games such as risk even though computer games are quite popular.

Who Will Enjoy Playing Wargame Board Games?

Anyone that enjoys strategy, critical thinking, and playing with others is going to enjoy a Wargame style board game. These games are usually enjoyed more by males but females also play them as well. If you enjoy any sort of history, you will probably enjoy playing a Wargame style board game as there are many games that deal with history elements such as World War II.

Which Types of Wargames Exist?

You will find a wide range of Wargame style board games to play. Some of the more popular Wargame board games out there include those that deal with famous franchises such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on. These are very popular board games and they have a wide audience. Other popular games include Risk, and Civilization. New and popular franchises such as Game of Thrones has its own war game style board game. It doesn’t matter what type of war genre that you enjoy the most, you’re going to find a wargame board game that is associated with it. You’ll find games that involve World War I, World War II, the civil war, medieval times, and other eras. There’s no shortage of Wargames to enjoy.

Top 10 best Wargames

  1. Twilight Struggle
  2. Star Wars: Rebellion
  3. War of the Ring (Second Edition)
  4. Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition
  5. Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  6. Eclipse
  7. Rising Sun
  8. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
  9. Forbidden Stars
  10. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)


War games are perhaps the most popular category of board games. These games cover multiple genres and there’s many different types of Wargames that you can play. These games are fun because they make you think as you try to control territory and try to keep that territory from falling into the hands of someone else. Many of today’s most popular franchises, movies, and books, usually have some sort of Wargame board game associated with their franchise such a Star Trek, Star Wars, and others. If you’re looking to have a lot of fun, and challenge yourself, you’re going to have a lot of fun at playing Wargame style board games.