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Who Tooted? Review. Let the Best Poker Face Win

who tooted review

Who Tooted game reminds me a lot of the official classic game “who farted?”, a game that families used to poke fun at each other. The whole family can enjoy this simple game. The key to winning Who Tooted is being good at bluffing and pushing the button fast. The goal is to guess who tooted the whoopee cushion shaped controllers that come with the game.

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This fun game is developed by Goliath Games which is pretty neat because it is a family owned and ran business. They promote the idea of having fun together while helping your kids develop socio-cognitive interaction. Basically, the developers want you and your family to have fun together. And this game is basically a good example of it.

What’s in the game set?

  • Four whoopee cushion shaped controllers
  • 10 different giggle-inducing sound effects

Simple board game to play

When we say it is a simple game to play, we mean it. The set comes with four whoopee cushions shaped controllers. When your controller lights up, it’s your time to toot. The others have to guess who tooted. And the key is how to keep a poker face for the others not to know that you are the one who tooted. So basically, like that who farted game except, it is more fun. It is pretty simple and can be played by the whole family from the little ones all the way to your teens.

Easy to assemble

This game is easy to play partly because of the pieces that come with it are assembled and designed well. This makes it easy for the children to start the game on their own.

The controllers are powered by three AAA batteries that do not come with the set but can conveniently be bought in the stores. Based on our experience, the battery compartment might be tricky to open. But that’s the only difficulty we experienced with this game.

Game of bluffing

This is a game of bluffing (as well as a game of flatulence). The goal is to outwit each other in order to maintain and level up the fun. The goal is to correctly guess who tooted while distracting others if you are the one who tooted.

Players ‘toot’ using whoopee cushion shaped controllers. You have to practice keeping your face straight and letting others guess if you tooted. The best poker face can win this game.

Fun for everyone

Why do we love Who Tooted? We really found this game to be ridiculous at first. Who would want to pay a game like this? Well, we did. When we actually tried it, everyone found it hilarious. Everyone played from kids, six years old to ten years old. Everyone had fun, and they even created rules of their own.

This board game works well with getting the kids together to sit down and have a little child like fun, especially during busy times. You can even create a reward system to go with this game.